unlocks the potential of youth in Africa with skills, mentorship, capital access, networks and linkages to create jobs, and drive social economic development in their communities.

Youth unemployment is a critical concern in Africa: no jobs for over 50% of graduate.

High unemployment rates have left many motivated, connected young people looking for ways to build a better, brighter future for their communities. 

Youths want to have a job and run their own business. The main reasons for this are that there is security in having a job alongside running a business in that having consistent income can (1) provide capital for the business and (2) offset losses and risks if the business does not do well. The Youths also expressed interest in wanting to have a career because of opportunities for professional development, and having structure to their time.

The Bunifu innovative model is comprised of:

Skills Based Courses

We provide practical training to equip young leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills needed to turn ideas into action and for work readiness.

Connection to Funding

We offer low cost seed capital in form of prizes/grant and microloans.


We provide intensive mentorship and strategic consulting to a hand-selected group of young entrepreneurs for sustainable growth.

What our friends and supporters are saying!

“Daniel your Bunifu team is amazing!! We are very happy here. Even Olivier and I have spoken about bringing more teams here next year. Even 4 teams could come to Rwanda.” Nathan Smith, Founder of Love Africa

“It was indeed delightful meeting these champions, working to raise the next generation of Africans who will transform the continent. Keep up the good work, Bunifu Rwanda!!.” Dr. Kwame, Bunifu Board member