The Bunifu Model

Bunifu confronts youth unemployment by unlocking the power and potential of young entrepreneurial leaders and promising community based organizations with capacity building, skills, mentorship, and seed funding access to start businesses, create jobs opportunities and transform their communities in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We achieve this through three core programs:

Bunifu Skills Training

We deliver leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness training directly to well select university graduates.

Our practical model equips business and soft skills, including resilience, self-awareness, problem solving, business development, effective communication, best practice leadership, networking, management, fundraising, discernment, basic digital marketing, collaboration, vision casting, budgeting and creativity.

Bunifu Startup Investment

Bunifu provides financial and mentoring support to young social entrepreneurs with promising social venture proposals.

Fellows will be invited to pitch their concepts, and best will be selected to receive initial seed funding for their projects, along with a one-year incubation support, including rent-free co-working space, customized weekly business coaching, market linkages and Networks & Linkages in order to propel their growth.

Bunifu Capacity Building

We partner with local organizations to enhancing their operational, financial programmatic, organizational maturity.

We provide customized consulting services, including ethics, evaluation, financial management, management, governance, human resource management, information systems, legal, design, and structure planning, resource development, fundraising, communication and marketing strategies.

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