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Unlocking the power and potential of youth in Africa with the skills, capacity development, mentorship, access to seed funding and connection to thrive succeed in today’s economy


We unlock the power and potential of young leaders and entrepreneurs so that they can participate in job creation and economic development in Africa.


Bunifu’s Vision for 2023 is to measurably impact 1000 directly and reach broadly 5000 local leaders and entrepreneurs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. 

Core Values
  • Integrity

In all that we do, we are people of our word, with the courage to do what is right.

  • Humility

Respect for all stakeholders, partnership, with shared responsibilities we are grateful for opportunities and are mindful of our limitations.

  • Innovative

Focus to address the root cause by challenging the status quo and commitment to hunt for new ideas.

  • Compassion

For livelihood-challenged communities, we empathize with and care for those around us.

  • Excellence

Pursuit of excellence with high standards and courage to realize success

Underlying Principles

In carrying out our work, Bunifu is guided by principles and values, to which all its employees are committed, respect and practice.

Bunifu seeks to in-build sustainability mechanisms including capacity building and empowerment of young people and their cooperatives in communities so that they can take a lead in solving their own problems.

In addition, Bunifu upholds the following values and principles in all that it does: Commitment to accountability and transparencyto the communities, donors, supporters, and other appropriate structures through the highest standards of professional competence; Respect for the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every individual irrespective of status and background.

Bunifu Strategic Plan at a Glance

Bunifu is seeking philanthropic support of $299,000 USD aiming for at least directly impact directly 600 and reach broadly 12000 beneficiaries over the next 3 years to achieve the following strategic goals:

  • Relevant practical skills for job creation and profession development:

 Bunifu will empower young people with hands-on skills in leadership, social entrepreneurship, agribusiness, programing and vocation for job creation; and soft skills, hard skills, technical skills and English language skills for job readiness.

  • Affordable capital:

Bunifu will enable young people to have access to low cost capital and reduced interest rate microloans with favorable payment terms.

  • Modern incubation services:

Bunifu will support young entrepreneurs with access to space, coaching, mentorship, consultation and ICT services so that they can overcome the initial hurdles in establishing enterprises.

  • Advancing formal education:

Bunifu will provide career guidance, life skills and mentorship for young people to excel academically. Bunifu with also offer training in college admission tests and guidance in scholarships application process.

  • Institutional strengthening:

 Bunifu is committed to have improved and efficient operational policy, procedures, and management systems. This will ensure effective and efficient delivery of its services through harmonized structures and streamlined management practices.

Low Cost, High Impact

  • A gift of $20 covers materials to develop one young leader and entrepreneur
  • A gift of $100 develops a young leader and entrepreneur
  • A gift of $2500 develops a cohort of 30 young leaders and entrepreneurs
  • A gift of $1000 seed funding support a young leader and entrepreneur to launch most impactful youth-led initiatives and business.
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