According to World Development Report 2019; Every year for the next decade, in Sub-Saharan Africa the home to the world’s youngest population will experience as many as 11 million young people entering the labor market. To meet this increasing demand, the creation of new jobs it will require a mix of skills such as complex problem solving, teamwork and adaptability.

Youth unemployment is a critical concern in Africa: no jobs for over 50% of graduate.

The Challenge

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than 80 % of aged 15 to 35 have no access to steady employment and live on less than $2 a day. As a result, poverty in the country is widespread and severe, posing a big threat to the stability of the country.


High unemployment rates have left many motivated, connected young people looking for ways to build a better, brighter future for their communities. Couple this with the dramatic improvement in the Ease of Doing Business Ranking (EDBR), continuing tax reform and increased school completion rates, and it is clear that the youth is poised to play an important role in the economic revival of the African continent.

The Solution

However, growing evidence suggests most young people lack the 21st century skills and capacity building required to succeed in inadequate formal sector jobs.

Bunifu is unlocking the potential and power of youth in Africa with the skills, capacity building, startup investment and mentorship to succeed in today’s economy.

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