Capacity Development

Bunifu supports the capacities of individuals and Community Based Organization in order to accelerate and increase their effectiveness in serving their communities.

Our beneficiaries receive capacity development in board governance and leadership; financial management; fundraising and resource development; program delivery and impact; human resources and networking and strategic partnerships.

Bunifu identifies individuals and their community based organizations with best solutions to their communities’ social problems. The fellow community based organizations undergo the OCA self-assessment so that they can receive customized capacity support.

Bunifu also provides customized consulting services, including ethics, evaluation, financial management, management, governance, human resource management, information systems, legal, design, and structure planning, resource development, fundraising, communication and marketing strategies.


How You Can Get Involved

Volunteer Program

We always need volunteers! Your expertise and time are invaluable gifts. 

Sponsor Program

A gift of $2500 develops a cohort of 30 young leaders and entrepreneurs.

Sponsor a Fellow

A gift of $100 develops a young leader and entrepreneur.

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